Welcome to Mei Wah, a Beautiful Place for enjoying craft beverages specially chosen for their quality and provenance. Come experience the camaraderie of fellow epicures and the timeless ambiance of this lovingly restored space just a short drive from bustle of Sacramento and the Bay Area. The Mei Wah building was a gambling hall, brothel and Opium Den until 1957. Mei Wah can mean “beautiful place” in Chinese.


We offer many limited editions and brewer’s reserves, so our menu changes frequently, but you will always find something to like. We offer a vareity of Brisket Jerky and Kettle Chips and invite you to sample the cuisine of nearby restaurants while enjoying a beer if you’re in the mood for something more substantial.


You won’t find a television or wi-fi at Mei Wah. You are invited to enjoy the company of the people you came with; meet your erudite, fascinating fellow patrons and maybe make a new friend; start up a conversation with whomever Kismet has placed beside you; or just people-watch while you explore our liquid offerings. Your well-behaved children, pups, and grandparents are always welcome.